Dato’ Desmond Ng together with Molly Lim jointly head the Property Development, Conveyancing and Banking Practice Group. Both the partners have practiced extensively in this area of law, each having at least 30 years of experience. Their reputation as practitioners who are conversant in matters relating to residential and commercial property development, banking and conveyancing has earned the Firm a place on the panels of numerous banks and developers, both in the Klang Valley and in Pahang.

Property Development, Conveyancing & Banking
Property Development, Conveyancing & Banking

The Firm represents clients in transaction related to:

  • sale and purchase of movable and landed properties
  • developer and sub-sale transaction
  • loan and security documentations
  • joint venture agreements over real estate
  • government concessions
  • documentation relating to privatisation for land development
  • distributorship and licensing transactions
  • employment and management contracts
  • contracts for the sale and supply of goods
  • tenancies and leases of shopping malls and commercial complexes, high rise offices and residential buildings
  • business joint ventures, land development, privatisation, concession agreements, private law and estate planning, drafting and advice on Wills
  • any other matters relevant to conveyancing